In recognition that members of the AmCham Honduras often need to travel to the United States for legitimate business purposes or need to send their employees to the United States for such purposes and need to obtain an appointment for a non-immigrant visa as soon as possible, a limited number of appointments will be set aside each day for those AmCham members.

Requirements to participate in the program

  1. The member must have at least two years of membership in the AmCham.
  2. The purpose of the travel must be for business, commercial activity, or training for business-related purposes.
  3. The member must be seeking only a B1/B2 non-immigrant visa.

Persons eligible to participate in the program

  1. Members of AmCham Honduras and their employees.
  2. This program does not apply to family members of participating businesses unless that family member is an officer/director/employee of the business and is also traveling for business purposes.
  3. This program does not apply to independent contractors or other workers who do not have a direct employer-employee relationship with the member of AmCham.


  1. Members wishing to obtain an expedited appointment must first obtain a letter from AmCham Honduras, signed by the Executive Director or Coordinator of Events in Tegucigalpa, stating that the business is a member in good standing and verifying that the member qualifies to participate in this program.
  2. The visa applicant must the follow the standard procedure for obtaining a visa appointment.
  3. The applicant must then contact the Call Center at 2202 – 7730 and state that he of she if a member of AmCham Honduras, that he or she is traveling for business purposes, and then request an expedited appointment.
  4. The Call Center will note the appointment is made on behalf of AmCham Honduras.

The Enterview

  1. The applicant must bring the letter from AmCham Honduras, as well as all necessary supporting documentation to demonstrate that he or she qualifies for a visa, such as business documents, bank accounts, property records, etc. (even if the employer is funding the applicant´s travel).
  2. The applicant must also present documentation to justify the request for the expedited appointment and the reason for travel.  If available, a letter from the U.S. partner should be presented.
  3. This procedure does NOT guarantee that a visa will be issued.  The visa applicant must still qualify for the visa under the rules of the United States.

This procedure does not eliminate nor alleviate any requirements for obtaining a visa to travel to the United States.  Its only purpose is to promote legitimate business travel by allowing participating members of AmCham Honduras to obtain an expedited appointment for business purposes.  The procedure can be modified at any time by mutual agreement of the Consul General and the Executive Director of AmCham Honduras.  The procedure can be cancelled in its entirety at any time by either the Consul General or the Executive Director of AmCham Honduras.