Our Services

1.    By becoming a member of AMCHAM Honduras, becomes a part of an international association with absolute credibility and long standing trajectory in the country, and also becomes a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce, the greatest Entrepreneurial Federation in the world, representing interests of more than 3 million companies of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as State and local chambers and industrial associations.

2.    By becoming a member in our organization, a company also becomes a part of the most important contact network in Latin America and Washington, D.C., through the American Association of Chambers of Commerce in Latin America – AACCLA. This network propitiates promoting products and services in the active and increasingly developing business community.

3.    SUPPORT BEFORE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ENTITIES REGARDING COMMERCIAL ISSUES. Due to its credibility and prestige, AMCHAM Honduras, is an organization with widely spread relations in the public and private sectors, therefore providing our members support in:

-Lobbying actions before local government agencies and those in the United States regarding commercial issues.

-Referral to and arranging appointments with government agencies, the Diplomatic Corps, AmChams in other countries, and other partners.

4.     AMCHAM MATCHMAKING SERVICE.  Search services offered by AmChams in the entire region, consist on high quality information about entrepreneurial, investment climate; appointment planning, organization, and coordination with potential clients or partners in the country, for those United States companies seeking to establish or expand their business in the region. For more information about this service, place request additional information from each AMCHAM or visit the website: http://www.aaccla.org/

5.    BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CONTACTS. We are in constant communication with investors and entrepreneurs seeking to do business in Honduras, and/or establish alliances. The institution keeps its membership well informed about potential business opportunities in every sector and facilitates their access to the same.

Likewise, the organization is responsible for setting-up appointments with pre-qualified businesses, ensuring that the companies contacted meet the applicant’s requirements.

6.    NATIONAL AND REGIONAL NETWORKING. Business opportunities promoted by relating with the most important companies in the country, whether big or small, national or multinational.

Our members benefit from this assistance during their commercial and business trips to any country in Latin America, since AMCHAMs located in these countries organize their business appointments, assist them in their search for companies with products and services required or offered. In addition, and by the mere fact of being an AMCHAM Honduras member, the member is welcomed as one of their own in exchange for a modest payment of the services received.

7.    LETTER OF REFERRAL FOR OUR MEMBERS. Our organization’s member companies are entitled to letters of referral whenever they travel on business to the United States or Latin America.

8.    COMMERCIAL MISSIONS. AMCHAM works to organize commercial missions and participation in sector fairs in Honduras and in the United States of America, providing our partners with the opportunity of expanding their commercial contacts and promoting their company in these important markets.

9.    WEBSITE www.amchamhonduras.org. Our members are promoted through our website, containing the complete updated membership directory. Is a valuable resource since there is a connection at the AACCLA website, rapidly transporting you to our site.

10. AMCHAM BUSINESS CENTER. We count with a business center with the most important and needed information for doing business in Honduras as well as in the United States. This business center has lists of importers and/or exporters in the United States of America and Honduras, commercial fairs and events.

11. CONFERENCE ROOM. The Honduran American Chamber of Commerce provides its members with offices in the city of Tegucigalpa with a conference room with capacity for 20 people, wherein any business activity required can take place, such as executive meetings, training courses, conferences, seminars, meetings, amongst others. The conference room is equipped with a glass blackboard, electric screen, data show, LCD television and DVD, and access to Internet. It also has a private bathroom, kitchenette, and can provide catering services. For more information about the cost for using this Conference Room, please contact our office.

12. VIRTUAL OFFICES. Members who need a private space for personal interviews or to receive their clients as well as investors who visit Honduras and need a physical space wherein they can work at ease and with access to secretarial and technological services facilitating their work, can now find a secure and comfortable ambience in AMCHAM Honduras. These offices are available for use during several hours, a day, a week or a month. For more information on these modern offices’ availability and cost, please contact our office.

13. EVENTS. Events are constantly held in order to provide our members and the country’s entrepreneurial sector with information about commercial, economic, legal, political issues, amongst others, with incidence in the decision-making process of executives and businessmen. AMCHAM organizes events such as:

  1. Monthly Breakfast or Luncheon Conferences. This activity addressed by national and foreign speakers  experts in AmCham members subjects of interest, those of the business sector in general, government agencies, etc.
  2. Presentation of Research or Studies. Free-of-charge or exclusive breakfasts to present a world economic panorama briefing, the principal economic indicators and their impact in our national environment.
  3. Business Networking. In order to strengthen commercial ties amongst member companies, AmCham annually organizes events wherein members can learn about the products and/or services offered in the market, in addition to generating new business contacts.
  4. Forums, Seminars, or Conferences. These are exclusive events with the finality of providing knowledge about current issues and a closer relation with different actors involved in the business, political, and economic areas in the country.
  5. Advisory Service on Organizing Events. Coordination of events to present members’ products or services, or commercial events. Likewise, coordination of events to speak about issues of interest, relative to AMCHAM’s strategic axis.

14. BANK OF PROFESSIONALS. Our members can publicize their employment or personnel vacancy opportunities, and acquiring Curriculum Vitaes according to the candidate profile required. Persons seeking positions available in companies may also leave us their Curriculum Vitaes that are included in our database. This Human Resource bank includes highly qualified professionals and middle management.

15. AMCHAM HONDURAS DIRECTORY. Right to be included in the Directory of Members, and at a modest cost, wherein companies publicize their products and services, also includes free-of-charge contact information about all our member companies.

16. TRANSLATIONS AND INTERPRETATION. We offer translation of documents from English to Spanish and viceversa, as well as interpretation services at a low cost.

17. EXPEDITED VISA APPOINTMENT PROGRAM. This program is exclusively for companies members of AMCHAM, for business trips, training courses, participation in commercial fairs, acquisition of equipment, etc. 

For more information about our organization and services,

please write to:  amcham@amchamhonduras.org