Archaeologists explore in Intibuca

admin August 20, 2013 0

Intibucá archaeological wealth, especially Otoro Jesus is large, diverse group of archaeologists explorada.Un and the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH) reported that already know and study of archaeological sites that exist in that department located in the central region.

Neil Oscar Cruz is one of the people who have visited the area and said that there are 18 sites where remains have been found coloniales.Explicó that prehispanic sites have been registered in the valley Otoro Jesus are: Sinsimbla, Los Naranjos, Agua Blanca, Mixcure, La Canoa, Hot Water, Quebrada Seca, Quila, The Suntul, San Marcos, The two Brazos, Santiago, Guayamán and Santa Cruz.

Colonial sites that have been found are: Tatumbla, Tenambla and Santo Domingo. The site with petroglyphs has been identified as Prisila.Cruz explained that Honduras is a large country in archeology, for there 298 archaeological sites in the country minicipios.

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